Bridge Reamers

Bridge Reamers from Holemaker Technology: Keep the job moving when a connection is undersized.

Our range of tapered reamers is designed for steelwork and bridges where holes need enlargement or re-alignment- available from 8mm to 39mm Diameter

This type of reamer has a tapered section for enlarging the hole, then a parallel section to give a precision finished hole size. This type of reamer can also be referred to as a car reamer or bridge reamer.

Bridge Reamer Benefits

  • Ideal for steel erection & bridgework
  • Ideal for modifying & enlarging holes
  • Impact rated - Secured directly to the Impact Wrench
  • Can be used with any standard Magnet Drill
  • Available in intermediate sizes
  • Unique 6 flute design for faster, smoother cut
  • Prepare holes ready for installation of TCB & friction grip bolts

Bridge Reamer Range

VersaDrive Reamer

VersaDrive Reamer 8-26mm (Finished Size)

VersaDrive® reamers are the perfect hole alignment and enlarging tool for metalworkers & steel erectors for keeping the job moving when a hole is misaligned or the incorrect size for the fixing.

Featuring a specially designed 6 flute cutting geometry and Titanium coating, VersaDrive® Reamers are fully Impact rated and perform fastest when used with an Impact wrench providing ultimate cutting performance with virtually no power tool kickback.

ImpactaCut Reamer

VersaDrive MAX Reamer 18 - 41mm Available (Finished Size)

VersaDrive MAX reamers offer a heavy duty solution for enlarging and aligning holes in thick metal plate (e.g. 20mm and above) or at large diameters.

Specially designed cutting geometry and a unique 20mm shank mean they can be used with high torque Impact Wrenches and the most powerful Magnet Drills for superior performance and portability, allowing the job to be completed onsite and not removed for reworking.

ImpactaMag Reamer

ImpactaMag Reamer 14-39mm (Finished Size)

The ImpactaMag™ HSS reamer is a unique double-use reamer for enlarging and aligning holes in metals and hard materials.

Specially designed cutting geometry allows the tool to be used in an Impact wrench or a Magnet drill. When used in an Impact wrench it is secured into a special adapter meaning the tool is easier to control, apply correct feed rate, and withdraw from the finished hole, enhancing tool life. This reamer will also fit into a standard Weldon shank 19.05mm (3/4") magnet drill arbor.

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