About Us

10 years ago, we studied the market to find out how to make a meaningful difference, and this study revealed 3 crucial insights:

- Firstly, that steel is rapidly emerging as the most sustainable & reusable construction material

- Secondly, steel components hold the industrial world together.

- Finally, that there was a huge hidden pain point around making and modifying the connection holes that fasten these components together.

This realisation launched HMT as a new company dedicated to cutting tool innovation to speed up metalworking.

Hugh Crane

Hugh Crane

Director at Holemaker Technology

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Piers Crane  - Director at Holemaker Technology

Piers Crane

Director at Holemaker Technology

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What we do

Holemaker Technology is a specialist manufacturer of portable cutting and drilling products

We are based in the UK with a worldwide network of independent Distributors.

For 2024 we have reached the milestone of our 10th anniversary.

It's been a decade of growth powered by teamwork, innovation, and commitment behind the scenes, that has steadily shaped HMT into an industry player.

HMT and VERSADRIVE® products now are specified by some of the world’s leading industrial engineering companies including Siemens, Vestas, BAE Systems, EDF Energy & Babcock.

Key Point of Difference

Our key point of difference is the unique and patented product range that gives the following benefits:


15x faster than traditional methods


Impact rated system stops dangerous kickback when drilling


Modular system provides more solutions from fewer tools

Our point of difference is not only the products, but also how our support systems optimise the value that HMT provides:

- Field-based sales demonstrator team who make joint visits with our dealers
- The unique MATLAST warranty support system
- Extensive marketing and training resources
- 95% stock availability for sameday shipping

Our Mission & Values


To speed up metalworking through cutting tool innovation



To be the leading brand of fabricators cutting tools



Innovate, Specialise, Optimise, Be Agile, Be Nice



Constantly finding new ways to save time, add value & solve problems.


A laser-like focus on portable cutting tool solutions for the metalworking industry.


Always improving our effectiveness and efficiency.

Be Agile

Moving fast to overcome any challenges and meet any new opportunities.

Be Nice

Being a great team to work with.

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