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Holemaker Technology is the specialist manufacturer of the Patented VersaDrive metal drilling accessory system. Combining our pioneering, impact rated and now patented VersaDrive® system with the latest generation of high-torque cordless power tools has created a revolutionary level of drilling speed & performance, never before possible with portable tools. 

With a centrally located Distribution centre in Indianapolis and sales & customer service located at our offices in Clearwater, Florida, HMT is building a distribution network throughout the USA with fast shipping available through FEDEX.

Headquartered in the UK, HoleMaker Technology has a unique product line dedicated to providing innovative holemaking solutions for the workshop or field operatives facing challenging metal applications.

With a wide customer base across the USA in industries spanning defence, manufacturing,  MRO, transportation & Infrastructure, energy, structural fabrication and engineering, HMT is sure to have timesaving solutions available for your application.

  • HMT Mission: to speed up metalworking through cutting tool innovation.
  • HMT Vision: to be the leading brand of fabricators cutting tools.
  • The 5 HMT Values: innovate, specialise, optimise, be agile and, be nice.

What we do

Holemaker Technology is a specialist manufacturer of cutting and drilling products
We believe in cutting tool innovation to speed up metalworking.

We believe that Construction creates, connects, and improves the world we live in.

Creating & maintaining steel structures and components needs specialist skills and tooling.

Portable Cutting & Drilling tools is our specialist area, where you have to take the tools to the job to create and modify the connection holes which hold our world together.

A relentless focus on product innovation and improvement provides the metalwork and fabrication industries with a new and unique range of tooling to speed up any task that involves working with connection holes.

Working with us

Hugh Crane

Hugh Crane

Director at Holemaker Technology

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Piers Crane  - Director at Holemaker Technology

Piers Crane

Director at Holemaker Technology

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We want every experience that you have with HMT to be effortless and enjoyable. Here’s the 4 pillars we constantly work on and improve to deliver this.


A hand picked team full of energy and enthusiasm, with industry experience drawn from market leading industrial brands.


The motto here is - if the products are right, then the success will follow. A relentless focus on quality control and Patent-protected innovation means that each HMT product is created to be a market leader in its own right.


With a stock holding of more than 50,000 cutting tool items we have an average 95% stock availability on catalogue items meaning orders placed by 3PM will be shipped to you the same day. Your order will be processed & confirmed within 2 hours and courier tracking will be provided on dispatch of goods. Barcoded warehousing technology ensures total picking accuracy.


One of our core values is “Optimise”, and this means helping users get the best out of their HMT tooling, with training, demonstrations and site visits in addition to data sheets and training videos. A wide network of dealers and local stockists hold the products available across the USA

More about The 5 HMT Values:

HMT Innovative cutting tools


  • We find new ways of to save time, add value and solve problems; day to day within the business as well as within our target marketplace of fabrication, engineering and maintenance

HMT Specialist cutting tools


  • We have a laser-like focus on cutting tool innovation for metalworkers which will allow us to dominate this niche market.
  • We only produce product that is clearly superior to what exists in the marketplace already.

HMT Optimise your cutting tools


  • We believe in efficiency, and we never stop improving – in every area we keep striving to become more effective and moving to the next level
  • We help our customers to get best results with our products.
  • Attention to detail – little things matter
  • We believe in clear goals, targets and weekly reporting

HMT Agile cutting tools

Be Agile

  • We recognise the world is changing fast and new challenges and opportunities are constantly emerging. We embrace this and turn it to advantage.
  • We move faster than our competition
  • We embrace a spirit of urgency – Speed wins and gets things done

HMT Foster Relationships with Customers and Dealers

Be Nice

  • We aspire to be a partner who our staff and customers and suppliers and stakeholders enjoy working with.
  • A spirit of optimism – we solve problems and get things done.
  • Integrity – we do the right thing and we do what we say.
  • Teamwork – we support, follow-up, and provide feedback to one another
  • We work hard to stay connected and communicate well
  • We help each other learn and grow and get ahead

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