Offshore & Energy

Offshore works of any kind present a unique challenge. Oil rigs, Wind farms and Petrochemical plants are harsh, demanding environments and any tooling required for use here must not only be robust and durable but must also be reliable.

Located away from retail and delivery services replacement tooling cannot simply be ordered or collected. Whatever might be needed must be thought of and transported offshore in advance, meaning that whatever is taken must do the job and must last.

Holemaker Technology's range aims to do just this, offering rigorously tested tooling and machinery that outperforms and outlasts anything else on the market.

HMT RTQ40 Low Profile Magnetic Drill
IDEAL FOR TIGHT ACCESS APPLICATIONS The new HMT RTQ40 is a low profile Magnet drill for tight a...
VersaDrive® ImpactaTap - UNF Thread (308051)
15X Faster than Hand Tapping VersaDrive® ImpactaTaps are the first range of taps that are suita...

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