VersaDrive® Cobalt Drills Bits

VersaDrive® Cobalt Drills are a premium grade 8% Cobalt drill bit with fully ground flutes, 135° Split point and Titanium coating for faster drilling & reduced wear.

Suitable for heavy fabrication use, this Cobalt drill bit can also be used to drill stainless steel, mild steel, cast iron and a wide range of other structural materials.

VersaDrive® Drill Bits have a patented non-slip, Hex shank suitable for use in any standard 1/2” drill chuck for cordless or pistol drills or used with a VersaDrive® Rapid Lock adapter for use in a wide range of power tools such as Magnetic Drills.

VersaDrive® Cobalt Drills Bit Benefits

  • Fast drilling with minimal kickback
  • Dual hardened for impact wrench use up to 3/8"
  • Precision Ground Flutes with easy chip clearance
  • 135º Split Point for easy starting and high accuracy
  • 8% Cobalt for long life and endurance
  • GoldMax low-friction titanium coating to stop burn out
  • High Strength, Non-Slip Shank Design
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