VersaDrive ®

The patented VersaDrive ® system by Holemaker Technology is the 1st modular cutting system in the world that allows cutting tools to be used across Impact Wrenches/Drivers as well as Rotary drills like Magnet drills, Hand-Held drills and Pillar drills.

Tools in the range have also been specifically designed and developed to outperform and outlast the closest comparable products. With faster holemaking, longer life and more holes per product VersaDrive® tools save time, money & increase productivity.

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VersaDrive Adapters

In addition to a range of Impact rated and Rotary rated cutting tools, this innovative system features a collection of specially designed and custom engineered adapters that rapidly fit cutting tool to power tool, with fast tool changeover.

Adapters are available for Impact Wrenches and Drivers as well as Rotary tools like Magnet Drills, SDS Drills and Pillar Drills.

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Engineered for Rotary & Impact

The world's 1st modular quick-change cutting & drilling system for use with both Impact and Rotary tools

VersaDrive™ Rotary Rated Tools


For slow speed applications like heavy duty tapping, countersinking or broaching with a hole saw optimum performance can be achieved by cutting with the tip and flutes of the tool. Our rotary rated range of tools have been designed to do just this and provide excellent cutting performance whilst outlasting any comparable tool on the market.

VersaDrive™ Impact Rated Tools


For high speed applications like drilling, reaming and tapping VersaDrive’s range of Impact Rated tools and adapters offer precision performance alongside the speed, safety and controlled power offered by Impact drivers and wrenches. Phenomenal cutting performance is achieved through the design of the tool, cutting with the double hardened edges of the cutting face rather than the tip.

10 Reasons to work
with VersaDrive ®

  • The only Impact-Wrench rated double-hardened cutting tools.
  • Up to 15X faster results than current everyday methods.
  • Quick change adapters for faster working.
  • Non-slip 11.0mm hex shank on all tools.
  • Designed to fit all standard drill chucks for pistol and pillar drills.
  • Modular system with a choice of drive methods and adapters.
  • Safer working with impact wrench anti-kickback.
  • High grade tool steel, optimised design,.
  • Hold lower stocks because of the versatility of the range.
  • Buy fewer tools and drive down your costs.

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The VersaDrive™ Patent Protected Shank System

The VersaDrive ®
Patent Protected Shank System

VersaDrive ® Patent-Protected Hex shank shank design fits into all standard drill chucks. No slipping in the chuck like standard tools. Three concentric lock positions give perfect alignment and accuracy when the tooling is used in any of the modular adapters to optimise metalworking processes and increase the tools working life.

VersaDrive E-Learning Platform

VersaDrive tools present an advancement in metal drilling and cutting technology. As we enhance or reinvent processes and products, training on upgrades and new practices will ensure the knowledge needed to pick the best product for the job and either use, demonstrate or sell it efficiently, safely and productively.

Our new E-learning platform is an online training resource designed to provide exactly this education and experience.

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