How to select the right impact wrench or impact driver for VersaDrive tools

Posted by Hugh Crane on

One question we get asked a lot is how to select an impact wrench or impact driver to run HMT Versadrive tooling.
Using these (increasingly powerful) tools for speeding up metal drilling, thread tapping, reaming, and so on is a new skill for many operators. So here is a helpful guide to make it simpler
- Note - in European countries, torque range tends to be given in Nm. In the US this tends to be rated in Ft Lb. These figures can be converted using an online calculator. 


1. Identify the torque range (for the cutting tool) required from the data sheet guide

(These can be found at the back of the HMT catalogue, or available to download against each product page on the website) 

(Example  M12 in 12mm plate – Guide torque 320Nm) 

2. Identify the torque range on your impact wrench or impact driver

3. Look up model number to see torque range

4. Check if there are speed/torque settings on the tool 

5. Select the closest torque setting on the impact wrench/impact driver ABOVE the torque recommendation (this is for the following 2 reasons) 

  - Higher torque will only be used on demand

   - Too low torque will lead to the tool jamming or even snapping as the flutes stop cutting and the torque transfers to the tool

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